Comparison is the universal habit

Comparison is the universal habit

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We sometimes compare ourselves with others and that’s ok, everyone does that. If anyone telling you that I never compare myself to anyone, he or she is lying. You should compare yourself with your competitors in a healthy way.

When I say “in a healthy way” I mean if you are running a business or selling a service, you should compare your product with your competitor to take inspiration. It will help you to improve your product or services and make a good marketing strategy.

I think "Comparison is the universal habit, you should compare to take inspiration, not to feel sad."

One last thing: you might compare with other’s lifestyles, especially when that shows on social media. But never feel sad. Because that’s reel life, not real life. Most people show everything beautifully on social media and I don’t think you should be sad by doing this type of comparison.

The problem begins when you start feeling sad and it affects your mental health. It would be good if you do it less.

In the end, I would say comparing with others is the biggest waste of time.

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